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The importance of digital marketing

The Importance of Digital MarketingWhen you think of traditional marketing tactics, you might imagine billboards, TV and radio commercials, and paper handouts — which are great for some businesses, but can be expensive and not reach a very wide audience. Chances are...

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Marketing roundup

Every brand has different marketing goals and strategies. All year long, we watch our favorite brands try out new marketing strategies and now we’ve rounded up some of the biggest, best, and most notable marketing moments from 2021.

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Back to basics: The 4 P’s of marketing

The 4 P's of MarketingProduct Price Place Promotion At Hoyden, we like to say that marketing doesn’t have to be complicated… But it should be strategic, smart, and intentional. Complex marketing tactics implemented by an inexperienced team can lead to jumbled...

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Wow your CEO with a strategic marketing plan

Wow Your CEO with a Strategic Marketing Plan No matter what business you’re in, implementing a strategic marketing plan can boost your sales, drive your website traffic, or grow your brand’s social media presence. Without a strategic marketing plan, all your marketing...

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