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Hoyden Creative Group - Quit Wasting Money On Your Business

The Scenario

Here’s a scenario we see fairly often:

Phil, our small business owner friend, is eager to grow his business with some additional types of marketing. He hears of all these things his competitor is doing or that he sees other businesses doing, and wants to implement those types of strategies for his own business: a new website, a Facebook page, email marketing, advertisements in the newspaper, etc.

He isn’t thinking about measuring the success of these efforts. He doesn’t consider if those avenues will reach the right audience. He has no idea if it will work. He just spends the money and hopes.

This is what Phil is really doing: THROWING MONEY AWAY.

Phil hopes that he is spending wisely, but he really doesn’t know. He is getting the cart before the horse. In order to be confident in spending money wisely on any marketing strategy, Phil has to get his brand in order.

Get Your Brand In Order

Know Your Brand Story: Who are you, what do you do, and why should anyone care?
Know the Right Audience: Specifically- who are they, what problems do they have, what motivates them,
Find Your Audience: What marketing channels can best reach them?
Invest Wisely: Invest in design or marketing that you know will help you reach the right audience.

When Phil’s marketing efforts reach people that will love his product he can exceed his business goals and gain loyal customers. If he can WOW them with his customer service and make their experience wonderful then he will have an unstoppable brand.