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Hoyden Creative Group - 3 Ways to Wow Your Clients

Let’s pretend it’s a warm, sunny day and we’re running a lemonade stand. You walk by, purchase a cup, and declare “Wow! That is some seriously good lemonade. What do you guys do so different?” Truthfully, a recipe isn’t that hard to follow: proper portions of water, lemon, and sugar (some crushed strawberries if you feel fancy) will give you consist results. The difference in our lemonade, friends, is in the customer service.

We’ve been to plenty of lemonade stands ourselves and we know what’s out there: people who are just in it for the money, people that make you question what is really in their lemonade, and even more people that make you regret having spent that 25 cents. We’ve received less than a full cup, bitter drinks, and the occasional floaty. We’ve learned from it and are committed to giving our clients better.

Want to know three of our most effective and easy to implement customer service tricks? Sit back with your lemonades and let this sink in.

1. Smile!

Little Orphan Annie had it right when she belted out that you are never fully dressed without a smile. Put one on when you are talking someone, just hanging out, or making phone calls. That’s right! Even when you are on the phone. Smiling will add so much more to the tone of voice you use. You don’t have to constantly have a huge grin on your face (that would probably be a bit creepy), having some positive reminders around your work station will help you smoothly transition from intense focus on a project to engaging with another person.

2. Graciously Give Your Service.

We tend to default to “you’re welcome” as a response to a “thank you.” Many times it comes out automatic and flat. How do you show your customers a little something more in this department? Try using “my pleasure” instead of “you’re welcome.” I solidifies that your heart really is in the service that you are providing to them.

3. The Golden Rule.

Do you remember a particular kindergarten lesson on treating others the way you want to be treated? It’s very easy to fall away from that in our fast paced world. When it comes to how to treat a customer, put yourself in their shoes, especially when it comes to dealing with issues. Our guess is that you would want to be treated with respect, kindness, timeliness and drive to start with. Are you doing those things? Can you do them better?

A helpful exercise is to think of the number of service providers that you have worked with. What experiences stand out for the better or the worse? There is always something to take away from working with others, no matter your role. Keep what is best and improve on the rest. Pretty soon you’ll have top-selling lemonade of your own.

Will You Let Someone Else Make Them Great Lemonade?

Your customers are thirsty and if you aren’t making lemonade for them, someone else will. But, if you make sure your business has the best lemonade, every single time, and they’ll keep coming back for more, and they will bring their friends with them.