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Graphic design, website development, content development, strategy


When James Wong, the visionary mind behind The Founder’s Chair, approached us, he had a distinctive business concept, but he faced a challenge. His initial branding efforts fell short in articulating the intended message, connecting with the target audience, and capturing the essence of uniqueness he envisioned for his venture. 

Understanding the importance of a compelling brand (and many failed attempts to do so with AI-generated brand ideas) James sought our expertise to refine his vision. During discovery, our team delved into comprehending James’s unique approach to business collaboration, his audience’s aspirations, and the lively spirit he wanted to infuse into The Founder’s Chair. James had all the knowledge on where he wanted the brand to go, we simply pulled it out of him.

Brand Development

The brand development process focused on aligning the visual and messaging components with James’ vision. We captured the collaborative spirit of The Founder’s Chair, infusing energy and approachability into the brand. The outcome was a brand that authentically represents James and The Founder’s Chair, setting the stage for impactful interactions with potential founders and funders.

Website Design & Development

Taking the brand essence to the digital realm, our team executed a robust website design and development project. The website not only showcased the brand elements cohesively but also offered a seamless and engaging user experience. Custom graphics and interactive elements were meticulously integrated to elevate the online presence of The Founder’s Chair.


The culmination of our efforts led to the successful launch of The Founder’s Chair, marking a pivotal moment in its journey. Beyond the launch, the positive experience throughout the branding and website development processes solidified Hoyden’s role as a strategic and creative partner. The ongoing partnership reflects our commitment to supporting The Founder’s Chair in navigating the exciting realm of business collaboration.

In summary, the collaboration between James Wong and Hoyden has yielded a dynamic brand and digital presence for The Founder’s Chair. The transformative outcomes not only meet the initial challenge but position The Founder’s Chair for impactful connections, collaborations, and continued success in the world of business innovation.

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