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Revitalizing Downtown Tecumseh


 Empowering Business Owners, Fostering Community Support

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Discovery, Design, Strategy


The City of Tecumseh’s Downtown Development (DDA) Authority faced a unique challenge – creating a distinct brand identity that would stand out amidst well-established entities like schools, cities, and teams in the area. Additionally, the brand needed to align seamlessly with the information uncovered during the discovery session. The authority sought to develop a brand that not only avoided competition but also resonated deeply with the community it served and attracted visitors.

During the discovery session, the Tecumseh DDA team embarked on an exploratory journey to unveil the essence of their brand. They delved into identifying a set of values that defined their mission, a desired brand representation, and a brand personality that would serve as the foundation for their identity. Key themes that emerged from this session included “full circle support,” emphasizing a holistic approach to community growth; “quality of life,” indicating a focus on enhancing the residents’ well-being; “making business owners the heroes,” spotlighting the crucial role of local businesses; and “safety,” signaling the commitment to fostering a secure and welcoming environment.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of the Tecumseh DDA was carefully crafted to reflect the essence of their brand. Drawing inspiration from the core themes discovered during the initial session, the logo concept was designed to embody the concept of unity and support, represented by interconnected circles forming a cohesive whole. The chosen colors exuded warmth and positivity, reflecting the emphasis on improving the quality of life for residents and business owners alike. By steering clear of direct competition with existing brands in the area, the logo ensured a unique and recognizable presence for the Downtown Development Authority.

Written Identity

The written identity played a pivotal role in conveying the brand’s message and mission. The language used was carefully curated to align with the desired brand personality and values discovered in the initial session. The authority adopted a tone that was inclusive, supportive, and community-driven, reflecting their commitment to being the catalyst for positive change. Through compelling storytelling and authentic narratives, the written identity communicated the aspirations of the community, making residents and entrepreneurs feel like integral participants in the city’s growth.

Brand Strategy

At the heart of the brand strategy was the vision to empower local business owners and foster community support. By positioning business owners as heroes and acknowledging their vital role in the city’s prosperity, the Tecumseh DDA encouraged a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. The brand strategy revolved around engaging the community through various initiatives, events, and campaigns that aligned with their core values of “full circle support,” “quality of life,” and “safety.” Through these efforts, the authority established itself as a unifying force, driving positive change and promoting the well-being of everyone in the city.


The City of Tecumseh’s Downtown Development Authority’s journey exemplifies the power of a thoughtful and authentic brand strategy, centered on unity, community support, and the celebration of local businesses. By understanding the “why” and “how” behind their brand development, they have emerged as a catalyst for positive change and a symbol of empowerment within the city’s vibrant landscape.

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