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Social media has become one of the most effective outlets for marketing your brand. It can help expand your business in ways you might not have considered before. Increased brand recognition, brand loyalty, and overall customer service are the top reasons why companies are choosing to market through social media. But like anything, getting started without any prior knowledge on the subject can be very difficult. It is essential to understand the ins and outs of each of the social media platforms you wish to pursue because not every platform is appropriate for every business.

6 Social Media Platforms to Expand your Business

LinkedIn: The “Networker”

LinkedIn is known for its business-to-business feel; for its professional atmosphere. With the capability to post job openings, build relationships, and market your business all at the same time, LinkedIn is the ultimate networking outlet. Essentially, if you’re a company looking to increase your online presence and stay connected in the business world, LinkedIn should be your first stop.

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Facebook: The “Jack of All Trades”

Facebook is one of the most resourceful and diverse social media platforms that a business can use. From a simple status update, to online marketing certifications, Facebook has proved to be a fantastic channel to market your business. It is also very useful for posting ads that match the content previously searched by your customers, eventually increasing total brand awareness. The versatility that Facebook offers allows for companies of all areas to capitalize on the use of a page for their business.

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Twitter: The “Short and Sweet”.

With only 140 characters per tweet, you can keep your message to the point. With the ability to post videos, pictures, polls, links, and more, you can efficiently interact with all segments of your target market. Aside from its multiple sharing options, Twitter serves as a great platform for customer service and spreading your word. By adding hashtags to your tweets, individuals and businesses from all over the world can instantly see and share your post. Organizations who are looking for quick feedback, interaction, and overall reaction time should look into creating a Twitter page.

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Instagram: The “Visual”

Instagram is a platform that not every business considers pursuing, but should. With its strict use of picture and video, Instagram makes for a great visual outlet for your brand. Much like Twitter, the use of hashtags is very important—but unlike Twitter, you have up to 2,200 characters for each post. Consumers are becoming more and more visually attracted to content so it might be more effective to show how your business operates rather than writing about it. Instagram was born to be a mobile app, therefore businesses that are considering a more mobile-friendly marketing strategy should get onboard.

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Pinterest: The “Do it Yourself”

Pinterest is a visually-based platform known for its digital bulletin boards. If you’re looking to adapt a hands-on feel for your online audience, Pinterest is the way to go. With the ability to see what your customers are pinning, you can become more familiarized with their interests, and react accordingly. Pinterest is also an excellent outlet for showcasing products and expressing your area of expertise. When your content reaches your target market, Pinterest helps it to spread—ultimately reaching potential customers who might not have been exposed to your brand otherwise.

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Snapchat: The “Up and Comer”

Made popular by millennials, Snapchat has become one of the most commonly used social media apps worldwide. Your brand or product can be marketed through live events, and behind-the-scenes content, giving your followers the inside scoop on how your business functions. You can also create a Snap Ad, build an amusing Sponsored Geofilter, or provide your potential customers an opportunity to interact with a Sponsored Lens. Unless your business runs solely on crunching numbers, Snapchat is a great platform to take for a test run.

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