PlaneWave Instruments


PlaneWave Instruments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premier telescopes and observatory systems but with an incredibly busy schedule, their internal team wasn’t able to keep up with the demands of consistent marketing efforts that reflected the value of their brand. The public was reaching out to them on social media and regularly visiting their website but without effort in these areas, the PlaneWave team knew their growth was likely to fizzle out.

“I can’t imagine what more anyone would expect or want from a marketing team.”

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Though PlaneWave had a social media presence, it was sporadic, ineffectual, and linked back to a website that was out of date to the point of inaccuracy. PlaneWave’s goal was to bring their passion for astronomy to more amateur and professional astronomers so we designed a marketing strategy that would convey their innovation, capabilities, and position as an industry leader through fresh content and quality social media engagement.

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PlaneWave Product Catalog


Hoyden launched a strategic marketing strategy that told PlaneWave’s story through news articles, social media content, and new website content. Most recently, we worked with PlaneWave Instruments to develop an extraordinary 60page product catalog that outlines their technical capabilities and detailed product information for every telescope, mount, and accessory they manufacture. This product catalog will also be broken out into individual, downloadable sales sheets.


From 2020 to 2021, PlaneWave Instruments has seen 150.7% total net audience growth on social media, a 107.26% increase in website users, and 256.66% increase in unique page views. They’ve been able to communicate consistently with their audience, portray a clear brand image, and focus more on growing their business.


total net audience growth (2020-2021)


increase in website users (2020-2021)


increase in unique page views (2020-2021)

“We’ve found Hoyden to be an incredibly professional marketing agency. We were shocked that we were able to find someone so close to us that had such a talented team.

They all are easy to work with and they’re very timely. They help us stay on schedule and have made it very easy for us to focus on what we need to. They run with execution, and I can’t imagine what more anyone would want or expect from a marketing team.”

–Eric Blackhurst
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, PlaneWave Instruments