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The Most Memorable Marketing Moments of 2021

Every brand has different marketing goals and strategies. All year long, we watch our favorite brands try out new marketing strategies and now we’ve rounded up some of the biggest, best, and most notable marketing moments from 2021:

Duolingo’s Mascot Keeps Going Viral

Duolingo saw a 1,900% increase in Tik Tok followers in just one month when a knowledgeable new hire took charge of their Tik Tok social media strategy.

WeTransfer Gets Rude

WeTransfer is a file-sharing company that created a campaign called “Please Leave”. With this message, it encourages users to go out into the real world- away from screens- and discover new images, experiences, and content that they can later come back and share through their products and services.

Ryan Reynolds Makes A Unique Cocktail

2021 saw the 40th anniversary of the McRib and to celebrate, Ryan Reynolds created a McRib companion cocktail using his own Aviation Gin.

Ikea Makes A Meatball Candle

This summer, IKEA released a limited-edition “IKEA Store in a Box” in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their loyalty program. Though the box is no longer available, we can still pine after the best item: a HUVUDROLL meatball scented candle.

Facebook’s Huge Rebranding
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Facebook company’s rebranding to “Meta”, or at least seen the Grade A memes that have come out of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement video (looking at you, random bottle of Sweet Baby Rays).
Nike Shifts Focus to Mental Health
In November, Nike launched the Mind Sets platform, which focuses its new, curated content on mental health. From guided workouts to tips for better recovery and sleep, Nike is hoping to help normalize the conversation about mental health as more professional athletes begin to speak up about their own personal challenges.

Dunkin’s Influencer-Marketing Strategy

As the fight for commercial advertising gets more and more competitive, Dunkin Donuts switched their strategy to focus on influencer marketing. From nano-influencers to the TikTok queen Charlie D’Amelio herself, Dunkin’ has earned a viral reputation that has significantly boosted their sales.

Popeyes Trolls Taco Bell’s Marketing
After Taco Bell entered the chicken sandwich race with their sandwich-like chicken taco, Popeyes responded with a TikTok video, offering a step-by-step guide for turning their coveted chicken sandwich into two tacos.