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The Magic Marketing Pill

The elusive magic pill.

A magical formula for quick sales, a powerhouse brand, and stellar marketing. The one thing that can change everything. We cry to the heavens with outstretched arms, “What is it?”

The desire for the easy way, a simple solution, is not new. It’s a way of thinking that can be traced back to biblical times and the first lady, Eve. She was enticed with a “magic pill” that a certain serpent promised would open her eyes and make her like God. In the end, a bit of fruit cost her dearly and she and Adam were forced out of paradise.

The search for a magic pill in business has lead entrepreneurs to spend millions of dollars on websites, pay-per-click advertising, newspaper and magazine ads, radio commercials, and the “next big thing,” often with lackluster results. Too many businesses have literally thrown money away in this maddening search for the short, easy way to high sales.

Does anything beat a magic pill?

Yes, but it’s not easy or magical. It’s more tortoise than hare. More fundamentals than hail marys. When it comes to marketing your business, you have to determine whether you prefer the fast way or the successful way.

Your business wins when you develop a holistic marketing strategy that is implemented effectively over a long period of time. When you consistently reach out to customers, attract their attention, and pique their interest in creative and thoughtful ways you will begin to get the traction your business needs.

The magic pill, with all its promises of short term gain, often leads to problems down the road in the forms of wasteful spending and marketing frustration.

A Different View of the Game

To build a holistic marketing program, it’s beneficial to seek a fresh perspective and ask the right questions. The answers can reveal some needed truths about your business or marketing, though these revelations may not be totally painless.

  • What do we do that is different and noteworthy?
  • Are we communicating our difference in a way that speaks to our ideal customers?
  • Do we really know your customer?
  • Are we speaking their language?
  • Do we know how and where to reach them?
  • Which marketing channels are most likely to reach them?

It can be helpful to get an outside view of your business from a marketing consultant who knows the right questions to ask and can dig into the heart of your brand and your marketing strategy to identify strengths and missed opportunities.

Can you commit for the long haul?

Brand building takes time. It takes speaking the right message to the right audience consistently and repeatedly over and over…and over again.

With some clarity about what you do and why it should matter to your ideal customer, you can create a strategic plan for marketing your business more effectively. This type of intelligent planning will prevent wasteful spending on magic pills and ultimately forge the way to your businesses prosperous future.


Have marketing woes? Let’s have a conversation to see if marketing consulting might be a good fit for helping you solve your marketing problems.