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Things we loved or loved to hate.

We were reminded that humor doesn’t have to be something a brand avoids. From Panera Bread’s clever idea to hire Phyllis from ‘The Office’ to the man who bravely protested ‘Annoying Everyday Things’, we found ourselves spoiled with humorously memorable moments.

Phyllis From ‘The Office’ Handles Panera’s French Onion Soup Fallout

Brave Man Protests Annoying Everyday Things

Space Force Uniforms are Camouflage, and the Jokes Have Ensued

The U.S. Coast Guard Creates Relatable Ice Thickness Guide

When life gives you gas, Make Sparkling Water!
The Rise of The Shirley Temple King
Dolly Parton Challenges the Internet 
Burger King’s Sad Attempt to Troll Wendy’s