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Most people can agree that reading statistics and data-dense content can be very boring. Without any visual appeal, the average person will most likely forget the data they’ve read shortly after reading it. The good news is that there is an effective alternative to presenting data that aids in understanding and retaining the information provided: infographics.

An infographic is a popular form of content marketing that can help you simplify a complex topic. Ideally, an infographic should be visually attractive and contain subject matter and data that is interesting to your target audience. Doesn’t that sound more enticing than reading textual statistics and endless data? We thought so too.

Infographics show your products without actually telling people about them. That, in turn, allows viewers to make their own decisions about your product. Visuals allow your brain to make connections more easily: information is expressed quickly and concisely which breaks through the clutter of other content.

So how do infographics actually help your company’s marketing strategy? Quite simply, creating infographics allows for your target audience to become more involved in your data and ultimately increase your brand awareness. When it comes time to design your visual keep the following tips in mind:


  • Don’t repeat things—this just adds to the clutter


  • Make sense of the data by telling a story
  • With complex topics, it makes sense to paint with broad strokes first and then narrow down to the nitty gritty details


  • Literal representation of data (charts, graphs, typography)
  • Metaphorical representation of data (illustrations)
  • Hybrid of both literal and metaphorical representations
  • Use what is consistent with your brand!

Content marketing is a major source of social sharing, and is considered one of the most cost effective ways of generating multipart website growth. With your visual content being as attractive as it is informational, your content marketing strategy will improve, increasing online traffic and overall consumer involvement.