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Chaloner’s Cigar House

Building on our past to improve our future.



Brand development




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Tradition with a Twist

Chaloner & Co., Michigan’s oldest operating store since 1874, underwent a meticulous renovation and reopened its doors in February 2019. A historic establishment with nostalgic candy, delectable cigars, and savory popcorn, it sought a revival to cater to modern tastes.

Chaloner’s Cigar House stands on the pillars of family, hard work, integrity, and camaraderie. “Building on our past to improve our future” encapsulates the ethos of Chaloner’s Cigar House. Rooted in Adrian’s historic legacy, the establishment felt a responsibility to provide an innovative, inclusive experience for the community.

Brand Development

Selected as the brand development firm, Hoyden embarked on the mission to breathe new life into Chaloner’s brand. Beyond preserving its rich legacy, the vision extended to creating Chaloner’s Cigar House—a haven of warmth and sophistication. A place where guests could savor cigars in an ambiance adorned with elegant decor and plush seating. The aim was to craft an inviting space where patrons could unwind on leather couches, watch a game, shoot pool, or relax by the atrium’s soothing waterfall.


Through strategic brand development, Chaloner’s Cigar House has become more than a historic establishment; it’s a modern sanctuary preserving tradition while embracing innovation. The revival achieved by Hoyden has not only elevated the Chaloner’s brand but has also positioned it as a contemporary haven for cigar enthusiasts—a testament to the seamless blend of history and modernity.

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