Chaloner’s Cigar House


Chaloner & Co. was a historic shop that first opened in 1874 and sold tobacco, popcorn, roasted nuts, and newspapers for over 100 years, passing down ownership through the generations. In 2017, under new ownership, Chaloner & Co. would expand to include a large walkin humidor alongside their firstfloor shop while expanding the second and third floors of the building to house Chaloner’s Cigar House, a premier bar and indoor smoking area with a membersonly lounge and elite atrium. Hoyden joined the Chaloner’s team to refresh the Chaloner & Co. brand for revitalization and develop a brand for Chaloner’s Cigar House that honored their legacy and brought both establishments to life in a way that would attract patrons in Lenawee County and beyond.

“Having Hoyden handle our marketing has been hands-down the best business decision we’ve made.”

Cigars on the Dock Billboard


Chaloner’s had an internal staff that would take on marketing responsibilities but without a dedicated, specialized person or team, their marketing was poorly timed, offbrand, inconsistent, and wasn’t conveying the uniqueness of the Chaloner’s experience in a way that could draw patrons from other cities. COVID also presented unique challenges as the organization navigated regularly changing gathering restrictions.

Popcorn, drink, and cigar
Cocktail and bottle of rum
Sandata Website Mockup


Hoyden developed a brand architecture that conveyed the relationship between Chaloner & Co. and Chaloner’s Cigar House and outlined a strategy that would roll out the brands, adapt to changing regulations, and establish Chaloner’s as a destination for locals and those from larger nearby cities like Toledo and Detroit. Our team created recognizable and distinguished logos for each brand as well as marketing materials, a website, and even a coffee table book. Now as Chaloner’s outsourced marketing team, Hoyden continues to capture the Chaloner’s experience through photography, social media, blog updates, event advertisements, newsletters, and collaborations with other large brands.


From our marketing efforts, Chaloner’s saw a 99.44% increase in website users, an 11.4% total net audience growth, and a 67.18% increase in website page views since from 2020 to 2021. Chaloner’s Cigar House has become a local favorite in Lenawee County and has attracted the attention of patrons from surrounding counties and cities and was even featured in Hour Detroit Magazine in 2021.


increase in website users (2020-2021)


total net audience growth (2020-2021)


increase in website page views (2020-2021)

“Having Hoyden handle our marketing has been the best business decision we’ve made. They take care of everything for us including writing, graphic design, social media management, photography, and email communications with our patrons. Working with them has taken a huge burden off my shoulders and has allowed me to focus on the business more. I highly highly recommend working with them!”

–Laura Wanke
General Manager, Chaloner’s Cigar House