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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: “The 1400”


A Triumph of Community Connection



Video Campaign




Strategy, Video, Photography


Washtenaw County faced the challenge of highlighting the remarkable contributions of its 1400 employees, often working behind the scenes, to the community they served. To showcase their invaluable work and foster a sense of unity, the county embarked on a campaign that aimed to bring their stories to the forefront. The goal was to create a heartfelt and engaging video that would resonate with the county’s residents and surrounding areas, connecting them with the human faces behind the public services.

During the discovery phase, Washtenaw County collaborated with Hoyden and Russell Video to unearth the essence of “The 1400” campaign. The focus was on understanding the impact that the county’s employees had on the community and capturing the spirit of their dedication. Interviews, candid conversations, and B-roll footage captured the authenticity and passion of each participant. The discovery process revealed a wealth of compelling stories that showcased the selflessness and commitment of the county’s workforce.

Visual Identity
Written Identity
Brand Strategy

The video’s visual identity centered on portraying the genuine emotions and experiences of “The 1400” employees. It emphasized the human aspect of their work and the connections they had with the community. Through the artful use of photography and video, the campaign captured the essence of the participants and the positive impact they made in people’s lives. The visual storytelling fostered empathy and a sense of pride among viewers, creating an emotional connection with the county’s workforce.

The written identity complemented the visual elements by crafting compelling narratives that highlighted the stories of the county’s employees. The campaign messaging celebrated their dedication, compassion, and relentless efforts to improve the lives of residents. The language used resonated with the audience, evoking a deep sense of gratitude and recognition for the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes. The written identity conveyed the message that “The 1400” were an integral part of the community’s fabric, weaving a tapestry of support and service.

The brand strategy for “The 1400” campaign was rooted in building a strong sense of community connection. The objective was to bridge the gap between the county’s workforce and the residents they served. The five-day video and photography shooting period allowed for an immersive and authentic storytelling approach, capturing the essence of each participant and their department. The subsequent movie premier-style evening event showcased the video, providing a platform to celebrate and acknowledge the employees who had shared their stories. This strategy created a ripple effect of engagement and pride throughout the community.

Washtenaw County’s collaboration with Hoyden and Russell Video resulted in a heartfelt and impactful campaign that achieved exceptional outcomes. The video successfully humanized “The 1400” workforce, turning them from faceless employees into relatable and revered individuals. The campaign struck a chord with the county’s residents and surrounding areas, fostering a stronger sense of community connection and gratitude for the dedicated public servants. The movie premier-style evening further elevated the engagement, encouraging active participation and appreciation for the county’s workforce.


Washtenaw County’s “The 1400” campaign remains a shining example of how storytelling and genuine connection can transform public perception and instill pride in a community’s essential workforce. The triumph of this initiative continues to be cherished, standing as a testament to the power of recognizing and celebrating the unsung heroes making a difference every day.