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Sentinel Solutions, led by Corey Schneider, a visionary in financial services, faced a critical challenge. In a saturated market, Sentinel needed to define its processes and create materials that would stand out. The brand identity, untouched since inception, was lost. Corey’s unwavering belief in Sentinel’s values posed the challenge of maintaining the original ethos while making necessary adjustments.

Hoyden stepped in, initially providing design assistance that swiftly evolved into a comprehensive rebrand. Understanding the importance of preserving Sentinel’s core identity, we undertook a journey of minimal yet impactful adjustments. The challenge was not just about aesthetics; it was about reviving a brand’s essence. This process strengthened our partnership, especially as Corey and his team witnessed our commitment to preserving the heart of Sentinel.


The rebrand laid the foundation for strategic differentiation. We didn’t just redesign; we strategically positioned Sentinel to tell a compelling story. The emphasis was on revolutionizing fiduciary care, a concept deeply ingrained in Corey’s vision. The revamped brand not only resonated with the team but also with clients seeking genuine care in financial services.

As the rebranding success unfolded, we seamlessly transitioned to designing and developing Sentinel’s new website. The strategic collaboration and deep understanding of Sentinel’s values allowed us to tell their unique story authentically.

Website Design & Development

As the rebranding success unfolded, we seamlessly transitioned to designing and developing Sentinel’s new website. Understanding the importance of a well-functioning (and beautifully designed) website, we focused on creating an intuitive, user-friendly platform. The website not only reflects Sentinel’s renewed identity but also serves as an interactive hub for clients, providing valuable resources, insights, and a seamless user experience.


The strengthened relationship with Corey and his team is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Sentinel Solutions now stands out not only as a financial expert but as a caring partner in the fiduciary journey. The rebranding and strategic initiatives have positioned Sentinel as a true industry expert, paving the way for a revolution in fiduciary care. Clients feel not just served but genuinely cared for, aligning perfectly with Corey’s top priority.

In the journey with Sentinel Solutions, we didn’t just redefine a brand; we revolutionized an experience, bringing Corey’s vision to life and setting a new standard in the industry.

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