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Transforming Sandata


A Journey of Modernization and Talent Empowerment




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Sandata faced significant obstacles in recruiting and retaining talent due to an outdated brand image and communication approach. Their look and language no longer resonated with the evolving market, making it challenging to attract top-notch professionals and retain existing team members. To overcome these hurdles, Sandata sought a comprehensive brand transformation that would not only revamp their visual identity but also redefine their brand language and positioning.

The discovery process was a critical phase in Sandata’s journey towards reinvigorating their brand. Collaborating with C-Suite members of the team, the agency conducted an in-depth exploration of the company’s core values, strengths, and unique attributes. This process helped to uncover the authentic essence of Sandata and define the direction for the brand’s revitalization. By identifying the company’s key differentiators, we laid the groundwork for a brand that truly resonated with Sandata’s team.

Brand Development

Hoyden crafted a fresh and contemporary visual identity for Sandata that reflected their commitment to innovation and growth. The outdated logo and branding elements were transformed into a modern and appealing representation of the company’s identity. By employing a cohesive and compelling brand language, we ensured that every communication from Sandata conveyed a consistent and contemporary message.

Website Design & Development

As part of the brand overhaul, we undertook the redesign and development of Sandata’s website. The new website not only showcased the modernized visual identity but also presented a user-friendly interface that provided seamless navigation and an enhanced user experience. With a focus on engaging content and intuitive design, the website became a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent, as well as showcasing Sandata’s capabilities to potential clients.

Strategic Outsourced Marketing Partnership

Hoyden’s collaboration with Sandata extended beyond the initial brand development and website redesign. They became Sandata’s strategic outsourced marketing partner, guiding them through a transformative journey for the next three years. This ongoing partnership allowed Sandata to leverage our expertise in marketing strategy, content creation, social media, and digital marketing to reach their business goals effectively.


The brand transformation and strategic partnership with Hoyden yielded significant outcomes for Sandata. The new brand identity and language revitalized the company’s image, making it more appealing to potential talent and clients. As a result, Sandata’s talent acquisition efforts saw a boost, and they were better equipped to retain their existing team members. The redesigned website became a powerful tool for showcasing their capabilities and attracting new business opportunities. The strategic marketing partnership enabled Sandata to maintain a consistent and impactful marketing presence, driving business growth and enhancing their market position.

Sandata’s transformation journey exemplifies the profound impact of modernizing a brand and aligning it with the company’s essence. By embracing a contemporary identity and language, Sandata not only strengthened its talent acquisition and retention but also positioned itself as a progressive and forward-thinking industry player. Hoyden’s strategic partnership was instrumental in empowering Sandata to thrive in a competitive market, setting the stage for sustained success and growth.

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