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Healthy Goods


A Journey of Modernization and Talent Empowerment

Healthy Goods



Rebrand, Website Design


Health and Nutrition


Design, Packaging, Website Development, Photography, Writing


Healthy Goods found themselves stuck in a competitive health and nutrition market with an outdated brand and a less-than-friendly website. Despite previous attempts to boost sales and enhance brand awareness, success eluded them. Faced with these challenges, they sought a partner to revitalize their brand and reimagine their online presence.

Upon diving into the project, we unearthed the potential for Healthy Goods to not only compete but thrive in their market. We recognized the need for a robust brand strategy and a website that would not only attract but engage users effectively.

Brand Refresh

Our approach to the brand refresh was rooted in simplicity and minimalism, aligning with Healthy Goods’ message of modern, straightforward health and wellness. We crafted a brand identity that spoke volumes with subtlety, conveying the essence of their products and values while removing confusion caused by previous packaging.

Website Design & Development

Transforming their website through Shopify, we ushered in a new era of modernity and sophistication. The design not only aligned with the refreshed brand but also significantly improved user experience. The site now boasts easy navigation, a seamless checkout process, clear information dissemination, and mobile responsiveness.


The revitalized brand and redesigned website proved to be a turning point for Healthy Goods. Not only did they stand out in the competitive market, but they also witnessed a substantial increase in user engagement and conversion rates. The streamlined product strategy and refined processes further optimized their operations.

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