Sandata knew they needed a rebrand. With an outdated brand image and website, they weren’t only struggling to attract new clients or communicate their services, but also found their brand was hindering their recruiting process and making it hard to hire and retain employees. After a discovery session with their Csuite leaders, Sandata realized they needed to entirely reposition themselves in the market after an acquisition led to fantastic growth but left their brand misaligned with the new direction of the company.

Sandata Website Mockup


Hoyden offered Sandata several rebranding avenues which included a website refresh, development of new sales materials, and a brand overhaul that would invigorate their internal team and establish their new position in their market. Though Sandata did have an internal marketing team, they needed additional support so Hoyden continued on with Sandata for implementation and outsourced marketing to facilitate the success of their new brand.

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Sandata Branding
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From letterheads and powerpoints to website pages and sales sheets, Sandata’s refresh touched every corner of their brand with a toolkit to help them move forward. Their refresh evolved into a full retainer outsourced marketing relationship with Hoyden as we continued to identify pain points and adjust to keep Sandata on brand with inbound marketing campaigns, conference advertisements, ad spend and more as the Sandata team utilizes a full suite of Hoyden services.


From 2020 to 2021, Sandata saw a 95.55% increase in direct website traffic and a phenomenal 791.7% total net audience growth. Beyond these results, Sandata saw a surge in its recruiting and retention processes, increased employee satisfaction, and overall revitalization of its internal team as its brand takes root as the leader in the home healthcare software industry.


increase in direct website traffic (2020-2021)


total net audience growth (2020-2021)


increase in social media engagement (2020-2021)