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Brown box with your good will for their good written on it







Graphic design, writing, photography


Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan faced a two-fold challenge. Despite their expanding range of services, visitors often left their headquarters without a comprehensive understanding of the breadth of their impactful work. Additionally, as the demand for their programming increased, there was a need for a campaign that could vividly convey the life-changing stories and the critical need for community support.

In collaboration with Goodwill, we embarked on a journey to unearth the most impactful stories within their organization. By delving into the narratives of program participants and understanding the depth of Goodwill’s services, we aimed to create a campaign that not only showcased their vital work but also resonated emotionally with potential donors.

Design Strategy

Our strategy involved the creation of a tangible print piece that would serve as a comprehensive package for visitors and potential donors. This package was meticulously designed to encapsulate the scope and depth of Goodwill’s services and programs. Through the power of storytelling, brand messaging, and captivating infographics, we wove together a narrative that would leave a lasting impression. To enhance the visual appeal, we also conducted professional photoshoots of the individuals involved in these impactful stories.


The result was a carefully crafted box, enticing in its design, strategically encouraging recipients to explore its contents. Inside, the stories of transformation and resilience unfolded alongside clear brand messaging and compelling visuals. This campaign not only provided a memorable and tangible reminder of the impact Goodwill was making in the community but also demonstrated how donors could contribute to this life-changing work. The box became a powerful tool, effectively communicating the message that there is more to be done for the vital members of the community that Goodwill serves. Overall, the campaign successfully increased awareness, engagement, and support for Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan.

Brown box with your good will for their good written on it
Goodwill Postcard