Goodwill Industries of Southeast Michigan


Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan was eager to expand the knowledge of their expansive services in the community. While they had increased tours of their headquarters to showcase the variety of services they offer to the community, many visitors left saying, “I had no idea you did all of this!”

Combine that with the fact that the programming they provide to people facing barriers is increasing in demand, and they needed a campaign that would better tell the story of their life-changing work in the community. We partnered with them to identify impactful stories in their organization as well as developed brand messaging to explain the need and how potential donors can help.

They wanted to be able to provide a package to visitors and potential donors that tells the story of all that they do in the community through the eyes of their program participants

MARZ Logo Variations


By creating a tangible print piece that communicates both the breadth and depth of their services and programs as well as the stories of those who have been impacted, a potential donor can have a memorable and visual reminder of the impact they can make by donating or partnering with Goodwill.

MARZ Mockups


We developed the stories, created brand messaging and infographics, and photographed the story participants. We designed the box to entice a receiver to open it and explore the contents. We shared the story of the good that Goodwill is doing in the community and how there is more that can be done for these important members of the community.