Uckele Health & Nutrition


Uckele Health & Nutrition had a unique brand structure that crossed ties between similarly worded and styled subbrands that served different functions. They were struggling to differentiate Uckele Corptheir premiere, fully customizable animal and human supplement manufacturing brandfrom the rest of their company, which creates Uckelebranded horse and animal food, vitamins, and treats.

Flyers for pet and human manufacturing

“It’s hard to find the right agency that ‘checks off all the boxes’ of what you need. Hoyden has checked off all the boxes for us.”


Uckele needed to break away from who everyone thought they were and put forth their incredible human and animal supplement capabilities and development. Their position as a market leader spoke for itself but we implemented a phased approach to reposition the brand and adjust their target audience to reach midsize to large supplement businesses.

Ad mockups for pets and humans


Though Uckele had a new website, they weren’t satisfied with their website developer. They didn’t ask the right questions to get to the essence of Uckele’s elite brand, so the content, images, and overall feel of the website was generic. We took over their website development to rework their tone of voice and messaging to better portray their brand. We continue to work with Uckele to create tradeshow ads, develop meaningful content, and offer consultative, brandrelated support for their marketing efforts.


Uckele has been able to distinguish its elite contract supplement manufacturing brand from its other endeavors and express the highly customizable, expert, and customeroriented nature of its brand. With updated and onbrand sales materials, they have attended trade shows, communicated with customers, and strengthened the brand pride within their internal team.

“Hoyden has felt like part of our team from the moment I met them. I have been in Marketing and Graphic Design for over 25 years and it is hard to find the right agency that ‘checks off all the boxes’ of what you need.  Hoyden has ‘checked off all the boxes’ for us.

If there is something that might not be their specialty, they help guide us in the right direction. They take the time to collaborate with us on projects and turn around proofs quickly. They also keep us informed when we are approaching our budget so we can prioritize our work and/or delay the project or take on the project ourselves. With the uncertainty of today’s world, it is such a comfort to know that I have a very creative team that will always be there for us!”

–Pam Mills
Marketing Manager, Uckele Health & Nutrition