Transforming Sandata

A Journey of Modernization and Talent Empowerment



Rebrand, Business Strategy


Healthcare Technology


Design, Strategy, Content Development, Website Development


Sandata faced significant obstacles in recruiting and retaining talent due to an outdated brand image and communication approach. Their look and language no longer resonated with the evolving market, making it challenging to attract top-notch professionals and retain existing team members. To overcome these hurdles, Sandata sought a comprehensive brand transformation that would not only revamp their visual identity but also redefine their brand language and positioning.

The discovery process was a critical phase in Sandata’s journey towards reinvigorating their brand. Collaborating with C-Suite members of the team, the agency conducted an in-depth exploration of the company’s core values, strengths, and unique attributes. This process helped to uncover the authentic essence of Sandata and define the direction for the brand’s revitalization. By identifying the company’s key differentiators, we laid the groundwork for a brand that truly resonated with Sandata’s team.